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Blu-ray Disc™ as of recently is considered to be the best source of high-definition video & audio. It delivers images that are even more vibrant and lifelike than the best HD television broadcasts. Blu-ray can deliver 1080p — the highest resolution currently available. If you are desiring the best in ultimate high def. video and sound a Blu-Ray player is your source for delivering unparalleled movie experiences. Blu-ray discs also support advanced audio codecs such as DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD. We also provide installations services for HD-DVD players. Although HD-DVDs are no longer available you can still enjoy a vast collection of HD DVDs and enjoy crystal clear picture and sound. Call Turbo Tech Nerds today and inquire about our HD-DVD and Blu-ray installation and calibration services!



Blu-Ray Setup & Installation
What are the benefits of Blu-Ray vs. DVD?
Better Image Quality
Better Audio Quality 
Special Features
Smart Blu-Rays
Blu-Ray Apps
Internet Connectivity
3D Movies
Blu-Ray will replace DVD

Service Includes:
Hookup Cables, Wiring & Connect to A/V Receiver or TV
Program A/V Receiver or TV for Blu-Ray
Run Ethernet Cables for Blu-Ray Player Wired Internet Connectivity (if applicable)
Configure Blu-Ray Player for Wired or Wireless Internet Connectivity (if applicable)
Upgrade Firmware if necessary
Customize Blu-Ray Player Menus, Features, Settings and Apps...
Configure Blu-Ray Player for Optimal Audio & Video Performance
Program Remotes
Test All Features and Settings for Proper Performance
Provide Brief Tutorial of Features and Settings
Add-on Services:
Add any of these services and save!
Audio Receiver Hook-up  Speaker Installation   Wire Management & Concealment     TV Mounting
Starting at $199
Next Day Installation Available
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