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Description of services that we provide:

In any home audio video system speakers are the only source for acoustical reproduction. It is important to understand sound dynamics and how a room is designed and constructed in order to pick and choose speakers that are ideal. What may sound good in one room may not sound good in another. Speakers vary drastically in terms of size, pricing, and type. At Turbo Tech Nerds we understand the need to have an optimal speaker system. We take the time and patience to understand what it is that you listen to and we evaluate your listening room in order to make suggestions as to what may sound and look the best. When choosing speakers you have many options. You can choose in-walls, in-ceilings, floor-standing, bookshelf and electrostatic speakers. Call us today and inquire with a professional and we will be more than happy to assist you!



Speaker Installation
We can install your Speakers anywhere!
In the Wall  
In the Floor  
In the Ceiling
Inside Cabinets 
In the Kitchen
In the Bathroom
In the Garden
On the Deck
By the Pool

On the Patio


Service Includes:
Conduct a pre-installation and identify ideal speaker installation points
Run wiring to speaker locations
Conceal all speaker wiring
Install the speakers in identified ideal locations
Install in-wall speaker wire connection junction panel behind A/V Equipment
Connect & bridge speakers to A/V Equipment
Bi-Amp speakers if available
Calibrate of audio acoustics using calibration microphone
Voice-match speakers for optimal acoustics
Ensure all speakers perform to specs.
Clean work area and ensure work area is clean and tidy.
Add-on Services:
Add any of these services and save!
TV Mounting & Setup    Wire Management & Concealment Audio Receiver Hook-up   Blu-Ray Setup
Starting at $199
Next Day Installation Available
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Our Philosophy

With rapid advancements in technology our philosophy has consistently been to provide the end-user with a streamline & efficient approach to their daily computing tasks & entertainment needs. We understand that technical jargon along with the troubleshooting & install procedures can often be challenging. That's why we continually & rigorously train ourselves to help serve "you" more effectively.

Our Commitment

At Turbo Tech Nerds our commitment is to continuously ensure your satisfaction. Our staff of dedicated technicians will work tirelessly to gain your confidence & satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with fast, professional & immediate support. We want to your one-stop shop for all of your technology needs. Let us show you how we're different from the rest!

What our clients say

test ...I was very impressed with their fast turn-around, professionalism and general attitude of care & compassion. These guys really care about their client-base and it truly shows..."
test"...the consultant spent 90 minutes with me discussing various options for installation. I was blown away by the extent of his knowledge. He gave me several options for the install which were priced reasonably..."